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Laypeople Hurting Hydrology on Patenting Affairs

Post 018



Are you a Hydrologist?


1          7,460,367 Method and system for dissipating thermal energy from conduction-cooled circuit card assemblies which employ remote heat sinks and heat pipe technology

Primary Examiner: Datskovskiy; Michael V., Michael.Datskovskiy@uspto.gov

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Mueller Smith, Gerald L. Smith, jsmith@muellersmith.com


Tracewell; Matthew S. (Powell, OH), MTracewell@tracewell.com

Chen; Gary G. (Lewis Center, OH), Chen@tracewell.com

Assignee: Tracewell Systems, Inc. (Columbus, OH)

2          7,460,223 Inverted orientation for a microplate

Primary Examiner: Lauchman; Layla. G., Layla.Lauchman@uspto.gov

Assistant Examiner: Slomski; Rebecca, Rebecca.Slomski@uspto.gov

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C., Jeffrey L. Snyder, jlsnyder@hdp.com


Harding; Ian A. (San Mateo, CA), Ian.Harding@appliedbiosystems.com

Assignee: Applied Biosystems Inc. (Foster City, CA)    

3          7,460,152 Camera for printing manipulated images

Primary Examiner: Ometz; David, David.Ometz@uspto.gov  

Assistant Examiner: Le; Quang V., Quang.Le@uspto.gov


Silverbrook; Kia (Balmain, AU), Kia.silverbrook@silverbrookresearch.com

Lapstun; Paul (Balmain, AU), Paul.Lapstun@silverbrookresearch.com

Walmsley; Simon Robert (Balmain, AU), Simon.Walmsley@silverbrookresearch.com

Assignee: EMC Corporation (Hopkinton, MA)

 4         7,459,598 Wound dressing

Primary Examiner: Lewis; Kim M., Kim.Lewis@uspto.gov 

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC ,  Justin J. Cassell, jcassell@baconthomas.com


Sigurjonsson; Gudmundur Fertram (Reykjavik, IS), GSigurjonsson@ossur.com

Elefsen; Thordur M. (Mosfellsbaer, IS), TElefsen@ossur.com

Assignee: Ossur, hf (Reykjavik, IS)

5          7,459,489 Reactive hydrophilic oligomers

Primary Examiner: Pezzuto; Helen L., Helen.Pezzuto@uspto.gov 

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Kokko; Kent S., KKokko@mmm.com


Lewandowski; Kevin M. (Inver Grove Heights, MN), kmlewandowski@mmm.com

Fansler; Duane D. (Dresser, WI), ddfansler@mmm.com

Wendland; Michael S. (North St. Paul, MN), MSWendland@mmm.com

Heilmann; Steven M. (Afton, MN), SMHeilmann@mmm.com

Gaddam; Babu N. (Woodbury, MN), bngaddam@mmm.com

Assignee: 3M Innovative Properties Company (St. Paul, MN)

6          7,459,315 Miniaturized assembly and method of filling assembly

Primary Examiner: Chin; Christopher L., Chris.Chin@uspto.gov 

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Burr & Brown, Kevin C. Brown, KBrown@burrandbrown.com


Brown; James F (Clifton, VA), JBrown@cytonix.com

Assignee: Cytonix Corporation (Beltsville, MD)
            The United States of
America as represented by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (Washington, DC)

7          7,459,314 Lateral flow immunoassay controls

Primary Examiner: Nguyen; Bao-Thuy L., Bao-Thuy.Nguyen@uspto.gov

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, Wong, Karen K., kwong@wsgr.com


Guo; Huiyan (San Diego, CA), HGuo@aconlabs.com

Wang; Min (San Diego, CA), MWang@aconlabs.com

Shang; Tao (Hangzhou, CN), TShang@aconlabs.com

Chen; Hui-Kang (Hangzhou, CN), HChen@aconlabs.com

Gao; Fei (Hangzhou, CN), FGao@aconlabs.com

Assignee: Inverness Medical Switzerland GmbH (Zug, CH)

8          7,459,203 Fuser member

Primary Examiner: Zacharia; Ramsey, Ramsey.Zacharia@uspto.gov
Attorney, Agent or Firm: Ruoff; Carl F., Carl.Ruoff@eastman.com,  Andrew.Anderson@eastman.com


Pickering; Jerry A. (Hilton, NY), Jerry.Pickering@kodak.com

Assignee: Eastman Kodak Company (Rochester, NY)

9          7,459,190 Fire protection containers incorporating novel low free water insulation materials

Primary Examiner: Chevalier; Alicia, Alicia.Chevalier@USPTO.GOV

Attorney, Agent or Firm: McGuire; George R. Bond Schoeneck & King, PLLC, gmcguire@bsk.com


Legare; David J. (Ava, NY), DavidL@fireking.com

Assignee:  Fireking International, Inc. (New Albany, IL)

10         7,459,129 Retaining microfluidic microcavity and other microfluidic structures

Primary Examiner: Soohoo; Tony G., Tony.Soohoo@uspto.gov
Attorney, Agent or Firm: Fulbright & Jaworski LLP, Melissa L. Sistrunk, MSistrunk@fulbright.com


Andersson; Per (Uppsala, SE), Per.Andersson@gyros.com

Ekstrand; Gunnar (Uppsala, SE), Gunnar.Ekstrand@gyros.com

Helene; Derand (Uppsala, SE), Derand.Helene@gyros.com

Assignee:  GYROS Patent AB (Uppsala Science Park Uppsala, SE)   

11         7,458,947 Dynamic splint assemblies

Primary Examiner: Lewis; Kim M., Kim.Lewis@uspto.gov 

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Tillman Wright, PLLC Tillman; Chad D.chad@ti-law.com, Wright; James D., jim@ti-law.com


Farrell; John Fletcher (Charlotte, NC), JFarrell@saebo.com

Hoffman; Henry B. (Charlotte, NC), HHoffman@saebo.com

Kovacevich; Ian D. (Charlotte, NC), IKovacevich@saebo.com

Assignee:  SAEBO, Inc. (Charlotte, NC)    

12         7,458,693 Retroreflective elements and articles

Primary Examiner: Cherry; Euncha P., Euncha.Cherry@uspto.gov 

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Novak; Sandra K., SKNowak@mmm.com


Shipman; Rebecca A. (Woodbury, MN), RAShipman@mmm.com

Chamberlain; Craig S. (Woodbury, MN), CSChamberlain@mmm.com

Heininger; James D. (New Richmond, WI), JDHeininger@mmm.com

Hedblom; Thomas P. (Eagan, MN), TPHedblom@mmm.com

Weiss; Douglas E. (Golden Valley, MN), DEWeiss@mmm.com

Deeb; Gerald S. (Mendota Heights, MN), Gerald.Deeb@mmm.com

Assignee: 3M Innovative Properties Company (St. Paul, MN)  

13         7,458,158 Method of making a sliding bearing

Primary Examiner: Bryant; David P., David.Bryant@uspto.gov

Assistant Examiner: Taousakis; Alexander P., Alexander.Taousakis@uspto.gov

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Stearns; Robert L Dickinson Wright PLLC, RStearns@dickinsonwright.com


Luo; Yuefeng (Ann Arbor, MI), Yuefeng.Luo@federalmogul.com

Freemantle; Paul (Plymouth, MI), Paul.Freemantle@federalmogul.com

Zdeblick; William (Ann Arbor, MI), William.Zdeblick@federalmogul.com

Assignee: Federal-Mogul World Wide, Inc. (Southfield, MI

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